I’m mildewing here

For the last two years there have been severe drought conditions in North Texas.  I’m here to tell you IT IS OVER!!!

Most nights when I come home from work, I go out to my patio and sweep away the water so it doesn’t flood my bedroom. 

Last month we broke records for rainfall for June, and it looks like we are well on the way for July.  Yesterday we had 3.5 inches in and hour and a half.  Freeway closings are almost unheard of here, but it happened.


I’m trying to be grateful for the rain.  It may be the last we see for a couple of years. 

If we don’t get carried away by giant mosquitoes, bit by water mocs trying to escape drowning or drowning in our beds while we sleep, we’ll be fine.


One Response to I’m mildewing here

  1. Debe says:

    when I got home Tuesday night, I said “look honey, we couldn’t go to the lake so the lake came to us”
    we were inches away from having rain inside the house

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