More spring time in Texas

At 3:30 am Thursday I was awakened by my son. He told me I needed to move away from the sliding glass door in my room. The wind was screaming and tornado sirens barely audible in the night. We moved into the hallway, that being the safest place in the apartment. Fifteen minutes later the storm was over. In its wake uprooted trees, homes without roofs, sign posts laying in parking lots and total loss of power for over 115,000 people.

I opened up the sliding glass door and closed the screen. It made for wonderful sleeping. The next morning the predominate sounds were sirens and chainsaws. Adam and I rode around looking at the damage in route to find my first cup of coffee. We were very lucky that home and vehicles had no damage. Many in our area were not so lucky. Especially people who now had trees for their new hood ornaments for their cars and skylights in roofs were from roof being located in the back yard.

We got our electricity back last night, cable/internet/television/telephone this afternoon.

Gotta love Texas


One Response to More spring time in Texas

  1. The Bastard says:

    I DON’T miss that shit at all!

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