25 years and counting

On March 21, 1984 I was diagnosed with cancer.  Other than a blip and surgery again in 1988, I have been cancer free for 25 years.  Since I was diagnosed on my 37th birthday, I have a constant reminder of the many things I have to be grateful for.   Many people bemoan birthdays.  I am amazed and grateful for everyone that comes around.  I can’t believe I am 62.  I don’t know what it is supposed to feel like, but I feel great!  I can still work circles around 30 year olds.  My mind still functions (sometimes :-D)

I would not recommend anyone go through the experience of cancer.  I believe it was the single incident that turned the course of my life around.  I don’t wait to be happy.  I have discovered that happiness comes in bits and pieces.  It comes every single day.  If I’m not in the moment…I miss it.

My sister told me today that I have a wicked sense of humor.  It is true and has probably kept me alive.  I said many times that first year…

If I die it will probably make a lot of people happy, I’m hanging around just to PISS THEM OFF!


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