Almond toffee

1 lb. of butter

1 lb. light brown sugar

32 ounces of sliced almonds

12 regular Hershey bars

Heat oven to 300 degrees to roast almonds in the pan

you will use for the candy.  I knead them to break

them up some and smooth them out in pan.  I roast

them while I am starting my candy for about 5-10 min.

After taking the pan out of the oven I take out of the

pan all but a thin layer of almonds and the rest go into

a bowl to add to the toffee topping…on top of the choc.

Bring butter and brown sugar to a boil (at this point I

add a handfull of almonds saved from the pan).  I cook

at medium high on an electric range/med. gas.  I use

the Taylor Thermometer and bring it to 283 degrees

removing immediately and pouring it over warm almonds

spreading evenly.  Quickly cover with the Hershey bars

and smooth out then add the rest of the almonds and

lightly press all with a potato masher.  After it cools

a little, I press with the potato masher again.  Let it

set for 24 hours before cutting into pieces.

The secret to this recipe is to “wash the pot” as it

is cooking by dipping a rubber spatula (Pampered Chef

preferred as it can tolerate high heat) into a cup of water

and washing down the sides of the pot frequently…this

keeps the sugar from crystalizing on the sides.

This all sounds difficult but if you have your candy

unwrapped and stacked beside the pan where your

candy will be poured…it will take about 30 minutes.


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