Thought for the day 9/12/06

“OLD” IS WHEN….. “Getting lucky” means you find your car in the parking

My new car has one of those keyless access gadgets.  It also has a panic button.  I’m not scared of getting mugged, I’m scared of having to walk for hours to find my car.  A few years ago I hired a cab at DFW airport to help me find my car in a parking garage.  Now I just aim that gadget, press and hope the horn that starts blasting is mine. 😀


4 Responses to Thought for the day 9/12/06

  1. Mr Angry says:

    well, that confirms it, I’m old. I can never find my damn car in parking lots.

  2. Sandra says:

    it’s a bitch isn’t it? 😀

  3. 1steak says:

    had friend who called the cops thinking his sled got hijacked. they called him at 2am at told him it was right where he left in the wal mart parking lot………

  4. Sandra says:

    That is too funny! The Old Bastard and I were in Ohio Christmas shopping at a mall and lost the car. It was on the other side of the building. Thank goodness we hadn’t called the cops yet.

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